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Metal Thread Embroidery Fritillary


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In this kit you can embroider a beautiful Fritillary flower in Metalwork threads, shaded with pink and green cottons. Inspired by the exquisite botanical drawings of the East India Company ‘Forgotten Masters’ exhibition at the Wallace Collection, this design is a study of the flower head and bud.

The threads in Metal work embroidery are held on the surface of the fabric by a sewing thread, and depending on the type of metal it is either stitched over or through, like a bead. These methods enable much diversity in this style of embroidery.

Based on the technique called ‘Or Nue’ (Shaded Gold) the Fritillary petals are shaded using different colours of cotton to hold the pink and silver metal threads in place. The stitches also create the checkerboard pattern so distinctive of this meadow flower.
The flower is finished off with silver plated spangles (metal sequins) and stems are added using silk wrapped metal threads.

Using the illustrated step by step booklet as well as photographic images, you will learn how to apply these traditional techniques to make a Fritillary flower and bud design. In addition you can find ‘the making of’ on Becky’s Instagram

All the materials are carefully packaged in 100% recyclable bags and come in a brown card gift box (24×16.5cm).

The finished embroidery measures approximately 6×6.5cm and once complete can be mounted into the wooden hoop and hung with the complimentary pink ribbon. The hoop is 11cm in diameter.

This is the first design in Becky‚Äôs ‘Botanical’ collection.

All the kits are designed by Becky Hogg Embroidery and produced by hand in the U.K.

Kit includes – Fritillary design printed onto parchment colour linen, White felt and paper templates, Silver plated passing thread, Silver plated pearl purl thread, Pink passing thread, 2 pink and 2 green cottons, Grey sewing thread, 4 colours of silk wrapped purl thread, Brown cord, 2mm and 3mm Silver plated Spangles (Metal sequins), 11cm diameter wooden hoop, Ribbon for hanging, Illustrated instruction booklet.

Every kit includes a complimentary beeswax bee for strengthening your sewing threads!

This kit is suitable for all levels, but not advisable for children.

Please do contact me if you have any questions about this product.