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Metal Thread Embroidery Kingfisher


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In this kit learn how to embroiderer an exquisite Kingfisher design in Metal Thread Embroidery. Though hard to spot, the amazing and vibrant colours of this bird are so familiar! This kit captures those iridescent shades in the form of silk wrapped wires and coloured metal threads.

The threads in Metal work embroidery are held on the surface of the fabric by a sewing thread, and depending on the type of metal it is either stitched over or through, like a bead. The application and finish of each thread creates a different texture to suit the style of the design whether it be smooth and shiny or layered and three dimensional.

Stitches include Couching, Cutwork, Plate and Looped Purls in a variety of sumptuous threads. Once finished, your Kingfisher can perch on a pre-cut wooden branch before being framed in the wooden hoop provided in the kit (11cm diameter).

Using the illustrated step by step booklet as well as photographic images, you will learn how to apply these traditional techniques to make the Kingfisher design.

All the materials are carefully packaged in 100% recyclable bags and come in a decorative brown card gift box (24×16.5cm).

The finished embroidery measures approximately 8×6.5cm

All the kits are designed by Becky Hogg Embroidery and produced by hand in the U.K.

Kit includes – Kingfisher design printed onto sky blue linen, White felt and paper templates, Navy silk satin, Pre cut wooden branch, Cutwork Purls, Passing threads, Silk wrapped plate, Silk wrapped purls, Sequins, Wooden hoop for framing, Ribbon for Hanging, Needles and Stranded cottons.

Every kit includes a complimentary beeswax bee for strengthening your sewing threads!

This kit is suitable for all levels, but not advisable for children.

Please do contact me if you have any questions about this product.